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Tigers - Martial Arts for kids


Martial Arts for kids (6-8yrs)

Children between the ages of 6-8 years are extremely bright and show great potential in activities and develop quickly. Though, they are extremely vulnerable to distractions and have not physically developed yet. Our goal through martial arts for kids Tigers program is to guide them in developing their concentration and help build their physical stature.

They love to interact with others, and enjoy the spotlight. However, many lack in confidence. Our goal is to teach them how to address the problems and challenges they face properly without interfering with the overall flow of the class.

They typically have weak fine motor skills therefore proficient technique is not quite there yet. Our goal is to help them build great technique in their martial arts moves while applying speed and power as well as demonstrate above average agility by applying proper motion to movements without looking sloppy.

They are wonderfully stable and love challenges. However, they are just learning how to tap into their emotions. Our goal is to teach them how to persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up, and show courage by facing their fears when trying something new.

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The key benefits of Kids Martial Arts training with Olympic Martial Arts Centre

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Martial Arts Parents

Our 52 week curriculum is designed and delivered by our professional instructors to raise strong, confident, well-mannered and disciplines children.

These classes run for 45 minutes in an energized and excited class format.

We look forward to watching our youthful students build their martial arts and develop their character to become the best version of themselves.