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Ninjas - Martial Arts for kids (9-13yrs)


Martial Arts for kids (9-13yrs)

Children between the ages of 9-13yrs are extremely smart, but can be aloof when something doesn’t challenge them. Through Martial Arts, our goal is to teach them how to apply focus and effort to the simplest activities, and demonstrate good decision-making skills by having the proper reaction when put under pressure.

They care about what their peers think, and therefore make social choices based on their friend’s likes and dislikes. Our goal is to help them have an ethical vision about life by seeing the bigger picture and making social decision based on good character.

While typically have good speed and agility, they can be lazy which leads to sloppiness. Our goal is to help them apply effort to challenging tasks such as building momentum in their jumps and spins, and demonstrate strength by applying power and mechanics to exercise.

Thanks to science they are typically all over the emotional spectrum. Our goal is to teach them how to have good instincts despite internal fears and anxieties. This program teaches relevant life skills such as confidence and respect and resilience

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The key benefits of Kids Martial Arts training with Olympic Martial Arts Centre

Kind Words from our

Martial Arts Parents

Our Ninjas classes help build strong, confident and disciplined children. With the help of our talented team of instructors, our ninjas will develop their bodies, learn the art of self-defence and build friendships in a very supportive and friendly environment.

Our Ninjas classes are run for 45 minutes and our timetable has very flexible hours from Monday to Saturday.

We look forward to watching our youthful students build their martial arts and develop their character to become the best version of themselves.