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Childrens Martial Arts – Campellfield, Olympic Martial Arts Centre

Mini Tigers

Martial Arts for kids (3-5yrs)

Children at this age typically have a limited vocabulary therefore learning is limited to visual and kinesthetic activities. They usually have a hard time retaining information beyond two to three commands. Our goal is to teach them how to focus during verbal instructions, and properly follow commands which have more than two to three instructions. We also help improve memory by re-training four or more commands at once while staying in order.   

They are typically self-centered. Also, due to their limited vocabulary their common form of communication is mainly physical. Our goal is to teach them how to show restraint when others are being silly, and show respect for others personal space. We also teach them how to have teamwork in competitive situations and show self-control when it’s not their turn.

On average most have low tone in their arms, legs, and core. Our goal is to help them build strength in their body, such as kicking without falling, and sitting still without wiggling. We also aim to build good balance by not falling when kicking for high reps, show good control of their body while keeping it in motion, and demonstrate superior fitness by applying good technique to exercises beyond ten reps.

With strong preferences and fears, they will normally act out of bounds when their emotions get out of control. Our goal is to teach them how to follow directions and persevere through an activity even if they are initially scared, and sit still even when they are excited. We also work on their discipline when working with their peers, and demonstrate confidence when performing under pressure.

Childrens Martial Arts – Campellfield

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The key benefits of Kids Martial Arts training with Olympic Martial Arts Centre

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Martial Arts Parents

Our team of qualified instructors ensure the Mini Tigers are learning on an ongoing basis not just kicking and punching but also very important life skills such as stranger danger and bully defense.

Our classes are run for 45 minutes and our timetable has very flexible hours from Monday to Saturday for this particular age group.

We look forward to watching our youthful students build their martial arts and develop their character to become the best version of themselves.