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Enhance Confidence with
Self Defence
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Martial Arts Adults Classes

For over 18s

Participating in sports builds character, teaches strategic thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking to name a few. And those are just the non-physical aspects!

Our Adults program teaches a well-rounded style of self-defence and martial arts training. We focus on improving overall fitness, strength and flexibility, and developing physical abilities. By training in a friendly environment with like-minded people, not only will you achieve your goals, but also have a great time doing so.

OMAC accommodates for all people, despite any particular goal they have in mind. Whether your goal is to learn the art of self-defence, enhance your confidence, improve your physical fitness and wellbeing, this program is tailored to suit your needs.

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The key benefits of Adults Martial Arts training with Olympic Martial Arts Centre

Kind Words from our

Martial Arts Students

With focus on self-defence, strength, flexibility and fitness, our adults classes, along with our highly trained instructors, will help you achieve your end goals!

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Our Adults TKD classes are run for 1 hour and our timetable has very flexible hours from Monday to Friday.

We look forward to watching you build your martial arts and develop your character to become the best version of yourself.