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For Juniors (Under 13yrs)

Every child is different, and has different needs at different stages of development. But one thing we know is that all children need to be physically and mentally active to be happy and healthy. Kids boxing / kickboxing is a great form of exercise that is loved by all ages.

Part of kickboxing is that you have to learn how to take a hit. Obviously this is in a safe and controlled environment. However, it still teaches your kids an important lesson: that it’s ok to get hit, fall down, and get back up again.

Boxing/Kickboxing is a brilliant way to help kids come out of their shells. As they slowly learn and master each level, they will grow in confidence and self-respect. As well as that, they’ll have a ready-made group of friends.

Our professional instructors at OMAC ensure each student gets the attention they deserve to develop their skills to the best of their ability. With our flexible timetable there are many class options to choose from.

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The key benefits of Juniors Boxing/Kickboxing training with Olympic Martial Arts Centre

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Martial Arts Parents

Whether your goal is to get fit, learn how to defend yourself, lose weight, or progress into a competitive environment, our kickboxing classes will help you reach your goals through our qualified instructors tailoring the training to meet your specific needs.

Our Junior Kickboxing classes are run for 45 minutes and our timetable has very flexible hours from Monday to Saturday for this particular age group.

We look forward to watching our students build their martial arts and develop their character to become the best version of themselves.