How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Thrive at School


Are your kids having trouble at school? Then you should consider signing them up for martial arts classes. While the most obvious benefit of this will be that they’re better able to protect themselves in unsafe situations, the benefits don’t stop there. Not only is martial arts training a fun and interactive way to get fit – but it also teaches them valuable lessons that they can use in the real world, such as working towards goals and learning the power of concentration. Here are a few of the biggest changes you can expect martial arts to create in your kids.


The very foundation of martial arts is based on training. This attribute is a vital one for kids of any age. From the very first lesson, children are taught, through a variety of techniques and workouts, to harness their self-discipline and respect others. The training encourages these steps by awarding students with new colour belts when they reach a milestone. It reinforces discipline in several areas of a child’s life including school and home.


Martial arts boosts a child’s confidence during their training. The more they find themselves in these classes, the better they feel about themselves. Have you ever noticed how whenever you accomplish something that you at first thought was impossible, you experience an increase in confidence and self-assurance? Well, it’s no different with martial arts. Through positive reinforcements from their peers and instructors, their self-confidence is reaffirmed.

Social Skills

One area that most parent concern themselves is with is whether their kids will be able to fit in with others at school. The confidence they receive during training gives them the chance to improve their social skills by interacting with children of different ages and backgrounds.


Bullying is a major problem and can have negative effects on the development of a child. Being able to defend yourself is a crucial skill to have. Self-defence and anti-bullying classes allow children to protect themselves in the event they are bullied or even attacked outside of school. This does not in any way mean that martial arts promote violence. On the contrary, it teaches kids to de-escalate situations.

Martial arts have many benefits for kids and as you can see, helping them keep fit is just one of them. If you’re interested in finding out more, then pay a visit to the Olympic Martial Arts Centre to find out.