Back To School, Back To Training. Martial Arts And Your Kids’ Grades

“Put the games down. It’s time for school” is a line many children will not want to hear when the summer holidays come to an end. Many will not be excited about giving up being with friends all day, sleeping late, or enjoying late-night video game marathons. And many parents will struggle to rouse their […]

What Is Bullying And How Does It Affect Your Kid?

kids bullying - self defence classes

Kids can be terribly mean sometimes. We all know this. But when does mean cross the line into bullying? If you spend any time watching kids socialising on a playground, you will, without a doubt see some kind of aggression occur between the children. Just because it is aggression, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it […]

Making History: Grand Master Jemal Hasan’s Journey To The Taekwondo Hall of Fame Award

While many sports environments focus on results, martial arts is unique in that it’s all about the journey. There’s always room to learn and improve, irrespective of your age or the length of your involvement. No story is a greater testament to this than that of our very own head instructor, Grand Master Jemal Hasan […]

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Thrive at School


Are your kids having trouble at school? Then you should consider signing them up for martial arts classes. While the most obvious benefit of this will be that they’re better able to protect themselves in unsafe situations, the benefits don’t stop there. Not only is martial arts training a fun and interactive way to get […]

Your Health Matters, So Choose A Workout That Keeps You Fighting Fit

Are you looking for a workout that will help discipline your mind and body? You’re more likely to stick to one that encourages you to develop flexibility, strength, meditation, focus and self-discipline. A workout that helps you hone these skills can help you find a much-needed balance in your busy life, and if you pick […]