Back To School, Back To Training. Martial Arts And Your Kids’ Grades


“Put the games down. It’s time for school” is a line many children will not want to hear when the summer holidays come to an end. Many will not be excited about giving up being with friends all day, sleeping late, or enjoying late-night video game marathons. And many parents will struggle to rouse their children for the first day of school, but there are ways to get them excited.

The start of the school term also means martial arts classes will also be opening their doors to welcome back students, old and new. Martial arts can be exciting for children and can be something they look forward to after a hard day at school. In fact, martial arts classes can even help improve their grades. Here’s how:


Teachers in school face the near-impossible task of teaching children with short attention spans, and all too often they end up recommending medication as a solution to the problem. Although a short attention span can be an obstacle, it is not something that a child can’t be trained in and taught, and martial arts training by its nature encourages and requires children to pay attention for a long time. Martial arts can also help children with ADHD by enabling kids who suffer from the condition to practice self-control because the physical activity strengthens neural networks in the brain. The movement included in martial arts also helps them to develop coordination while building strength.


During martial arts training, students are expected to learn a variety of skills, forms, techniques and philosophies to advance to the next belt level. This memorisation and the techniques the child uses to learn it can be easily transferred with them into their classroom allowing them to learn better.


Discipline is a core principle of martial arts and its no secret that a solid foundation in discipline will benefit every child in all aspects of their life, especially when it comes to their school work. Disciplined children understand the importance of completing their homework and projects, even more so the importance of getting these tasks completed on time. And perhaps most fundamental to good grades, discipline instils obedience and an attitude of doing what one is told; key to developing a good work ethic and understanding of time management.

There are numerous other benefits that martial arts can give your children that will aid them in their school work. To start finding out about them, browse our website.