Black Belt Club

This program is by invitation only

The Black Belt Club is the prestigious inner circle of students in our club. These students have achieved their dreams of becoming a Black Belt and are ready to achieve a standard of practice that not many see as a possibility. In the Black Belt Club, students are introduced to weaponry, tricking and extreme Martial Arts.

Elite Sparring Team

(Juniors – under 12 years and Teens/Adults 13 years and over)

This class is specific for sparring and competition training. It involves many kicking and punching drills to be used when in competition. Students are fully geared up and practice drills to use whilst in competition. With many years of competition experience, our instructors are fully qualified to assist athletes in this program and to pump their performance to the highest level. Amongst our instructors includes Olympic Burak Hasan. We also have athletes who represented us at International events such as the Oceania Championships, World Cup and World Championships   It is an intense class and suitable for intermediate to advance level students.

Weapons Program

OMAC’s Weapons classes have been a recent addition to our long list of offered programs. Currently, we offer curriculums based on Nunchucks and Bo Staff with more to come in the future. Students who take part in this program also get perform at special events and functions. OMAC’s weapons is a dynamic system designed to provide an ongoing bo staff and nun chucks training and push our students to learn new techniques and be more creative.

Students work through the creative mix of combinations and use of some basic manipulation techniques to go with their strikes.

Leadership Development:

The Leadership Development Program educates and inspires its young members to learn skills to be job ready, have great confidence & develop great leadership attributes.

Each class has a set outcome that is taught through active learning combined with physical practice of the martial arts values and philosophy.

Students progressing well through this program are the best candidates for OMAC Instructor development program.

Stand out from the rest at school, at future jobs and be confident that you can take care of yourself with OMAC’s amazing Leadership Development Program.

OMAC Demo Team

This program is by invitation only

OMAC’s Demo team is a performance based class that is through invitation only. The objective of this program is the challenge each individual student to be the best they can be in order to wow the audience. OMAC’s Demo Team members work on advanced kicking techniques, acrobatics and tricking, choreography, self defence, weapons, board breaking, traditional forms and extreme forms to orchestrate an entertaining performance.