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Olympic Martial Arts Centre. The Home of Champions

Campbellfield - Melbourne

Want to be the next karate kid? Or maybe your path is headed towards being a sensei. Find inner peace while training to be a world champion. It all starts with a pursuit for self-discipline. A desire to gain mental and emotional equanimity. Your journey begins with us. Welcome to Olympic Martial Arts Centre.

For over 40 years, Master Jemal Hasan has dedicated his life to producing quality athletes who are driven to contributing to their society as participating citizens. Established in 1977, Grandmaster Jemal Hasan has proven to be one of the best martial arts instructors producing world-class athletes. Olympic Martial Arts Centre is one of Australia’s most fully equipped and finest clubs encompassing a family-friendly environment.

Vital to the discipline of martial arts, the aim is to educate students about respect for all people in their lives. This includes parents, teachers and society; integrating discipline on law and order matters and guiding students on how to set and achieve goals; and most evidently, teach them self-defence as a means, not to inflict harm, but to equip them with protection tools.

At Olympic Martial Arts Centre in Melbourne, we offer a variety of martial arts disciplines including:

Please choose from our Martial Arts programs below

Childrens Martial Arts – Campellfield, Olympic Martial Arts Centre

Set up your 3-5 year old for success with Martial Arts and Life skills. A fantastic way to build confidence, respect and focus in a fun and exciting environment. A great way for school-readiness!

Tigers - Martial Arts for kids

Empower your 6-8 year old physically, emotionally and intellectuality through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up, and show courage by facing their fears when trying something new.

Ninjas - Martial Arts for kids (9-13yrs)

Equip your 9-12 year old with life skills and help establish self esteem and confidence. Build resilient children who can stand up for them-selves and against bullying!

Martial Arts Teens Classes

Our teens classes help develop these ‘soon to be adults’ and prepare them for the sudden change in lifestyle, as well as increase in responsibility they are about to face.

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Martial Arts Journey to achieve your self defence and fitness goals. A great way to relive stress and gain a positive mindset.

Adults Boxing

Get faster, fitter and stronger at the best boxing and kickboxing club with state of the art equipment and facilities. Take your fitness goals as far as you want weather it is for just for fun and fitness or to compete at amateur or professional level.

Elite Sparring Team

Our Elite Junior and Senior Sparring classes are comprised of high performance and advanced training to prepare athletes for competitions. These classes are filled with intense training which is constantly being evolved to suit Taekwondo Competition’s competitive environment.

martial arts weapons

The weapons program here at OMAC is a selective program which teaches the arts of weaponry, including Nunchakus and Bo Staffs. It aims at perfecting performance arts, as well as weapons self-defence application in real life scenarios.

Womens Fitness - Self Defence Classes

Take your health to the next level with our Ladies Only Fitness Training which professionally implements the most successful effective training programs such as MetaFit and cross Training to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness, or move towards a healthier and brighter lifestyle, our ladies only classes will help you achieve them.